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In case of dispute, the German text of the disclaimer is authentic reference.

The contents of the web pages of dynajobs AG is selected and maintained with care. Articles referenced by names of persons or companies represent the views of the authors and do not necessarily represent the opinion of dynajobs AG. Just reading the web pages does not assume any contractual binding commitment dynajobs AG. The general conditions are an integral part of the agreements in case of a contractual commitment.

Web pages dynajobs AG contain links to web pages of third parties. The responsibility for these pages is the corresponding supplier. dynajobs AG has no influence on the current and future content of these pages. The link does not mean that dynajobs AG agrees with the content. Should these pages contain any indecent or obsolete content, dynajobs AG does not bear any responsibility. If dynajobs AG was informed that a link has questionable information, links are removed as soon as possible. We are grateful for any information in this regard.

The contents of the web pages of dynajobs AG is subject to copyright under the Swiss laws in force. Any use, redistribution, translation, recording, or publishing of information in a databases or other systems, electronic or otherwise, requires previous written authorization by dynajobs AG.

To create a link to the web pages of dynajobs AG, written consent is also required. Download of copies for private use is not subject to authorization.
Use of the content or other information of dynajobs AG, for example, Impressum, for purposes of advertising is subject to written permission.
dynajobs AG takes into account the rules of copyright on external job advertisements that are published on its web pages.

dynajobs AG follows the rules of data protection, in particular the laws and regulations on the protection of personal data. dynajobs AG is committed to ensuring that the systems, programmes, etc. which are under the responsibility of employees of dynajobs AG is updated with the technical safety standards.
dynajobs AG is not responsible for defects or interruptions that dynajobs AG is not the author. This concerns in particular breaches of security or availability of third-party companies with which dynajobs AG works independently. dynajobs AG is not responsible for the consequences due to force majeure, improper use or neglect, services or overload problems caused by third persons or companies that can take place despite the security measures undertaken.

When reading web pages, dynajobs AG records statistical information including the date, time and pages visited. These data are used only for purposes such as statistics, usage load or quality assurance.