Terms and Conditions

1. Services

1.1. In the event of discrepancies, the German text constitutes the reference for the general terms and conditions of use (UGC). These Terms and Conditions govern the contractual relationship with the persons and companies that use the services of dynajobs AG. They are valid from 26.05.2015 and replace all the previous T & Cs.

1.2. These Terms cover all the information and services of the dynajobs® on-line system of dynajobs AG. dynajobs AG provides an expert platform that allows human resources, hereafter job offerers (EOs) to search for candidates. Training institutes (institutes) can promote training programmes. Job offerers and training providers are called suppliers in these Terms.

1.3. Job seekers (CE) can select positions for their own use and apply. Researchers of training programmes are put in contact with the institutes. The expert system is a help to the selection. He compares the CE profile based on his CV with the job offers. EC selections are used to improve the search profile. The CV is subject to the protection of personal data. An explicit action by the EC is needed to make the CV accessible to third parties. Job seekers and job seekers are called researchers in these UGC.

1.4. dynajobs AG is looking for open positions and training programmes in other sources, notably published by companies on the Internet. These offers are also available to researchers. The offers provided by the suppliers are presented in a privileged way.

1.5. Access is secured by SSL encrypted and secure links.

2. Contract

2.1. There are the following forms of contracts:

2.1.1 License for Private Users: Private individuals (researchers) looking for offers for themselves.

2.1.2 Business User License: Employees of a company who as a researcher or vendor use the system only for people in the company.

2.1.3 Enterprise License: The company may provide standardized access for these services. Many people use the same access. The enterprise license allows the creation of closed user groups internal to the company.

2.1.4 Placement License: Individuals or companies that assist people in job search or companies in the recruitment process (placement agencies).

2.2. General licenses can be obtained directly online. For specific needs, other licenses may be obtained. A written contract is necessary is necessary in this case. See the conditions of payment under number 3 of these Terms.

2.3. The contract and the T & Cs are considered accepted as soon as an offeror, a placement agency or a researcher announces himself with his username and password. They are called users in these Terms.

3. Terms of payment

dynajobs AG offers the following possibilities:

3.1. Services without announcing: dynajobs AG can make services available to users, without them having to announce themselves. This use does not generate any cost for the user. dynajobs AG reserves the right to cancel these services at any time.

3.2. Free services: dynajobs AG can provide free services to users. These services can be used as soon as the user has a username and a personal password. dynajobs AG reserves the right to cancel these services at any time.

3.3. One-off lump sum costs: Paid services may be linked to a single lump sum payment with no time limit. If not explicitly stated otherwise, the minimum duration of service is one year and may be terminated with a period of three months for the end of the quarter.

3.4. Repetitive costs: Licenses that are awarded for a fixed term may be extended for several successive periods. For extensions, the costs of the order are valid for at least one year. For extensions that start more than one year after the order, dynajobs AG reserves the right to adjust the cost to the price valid at the beginning of the extension period. The user is informed in this case with a delay of three months of the modification. In this case, he may withdraw from the contract with a period of one month.

3.5. In case of late payment, the services can be blocked immediately. This does not change the collection rights of the contractual commitments. The corresponding costs are borne by the user.

3.6. The price list for products and services published on dynajobs is an integral part of the Terms of Use.

4. Warranties and Limitations of Liability

4.1. dynajobs AG is interested in the platform being fully functional and achieving a win-win situation for all users.

4.2. dynajobs AG reduces its liability for damage that is directly due to a highly negligent or deliberate action by its own collaborator.

4.3. For any complaint or request, dynajobs AG provides the e-mail address info@dynajobs.com.

4.4. dynajobs AG bears the responsibility for information and offers exclusively in case of gross negligence or willful malice of one of its own employees.

4.5. dynajobs AG bears no responsibility, if a user publishes without the permission of the trustee of the Information or does not respect the rules of good faith. In this case, these are situations of abuse of rights of which only the author bears the responsibility. dynajobs AG may consider situations of this type as breach of contract and delete the information and block the corresponding accesses. See also 6.4.

4.6. dynajobs AG has no responsibility if the user does not have a contact or does not find a position during the subscription period.

4.7. Offerors and researchers are personally responsible for the proper use of the information provided by dynajobs AG. dynajobs AG is not liable for damage caused by contact with dynajobs AG information.

4.8. dynajobs AG is not liable when an offeror's commitment to a researcher and vice-versa is not respected.

4.9. Offerors and researchers must take into account that it is difficult to authenticate an on-line user. If there is a contact, they are responsible for checking that the contact matches. dynajobs AG does not guarantee that the user is actually the person he / she claims to be.

4.10. dynajobs AG also respects the rights to the protection of personal data after the end of use and if there is no contract following a request.

4.11. dynajobs AG updates its data several times a week. During this time, the system may be unavailable for a short period of time. In principle, this takes place outside of general working hours. This is also the case for maintenance and upgrade work. In the event of a scheduled interruption, the user receives a notice on the entry page.

4.12. dynajobs AG is not liable for interruptions that are caused by third parties or persons with whom dynajobs AG works and for which it is dependent.

4.13. Similarly, dynajobs AG is not liable for improper use, non-compliance with the security rules of users or third parties, force majeure or disruption by computer viruses or other malicious acts, which may occur despite the provisions of the law. rules of the art of dynajobs AG in this area.

5. Data protection and security

5.1. dynajobs AG complies with the rules, laws and ordinances concerning the protection of personal data.

5.2. dynajobs AG is committed to protecting data with the current level of technical possibilities.

5.3. dynajobs AG undertakes not to use personal data, from which the user's identity can be deduced. Only the user can decide to make public his personal data.

5.4. dynajobs AG undertakes to keep confidential any information concerning users and to ensure that its employees also respect these principles.

5.5. dynajobs AG may use data from users to verify whether it has illegal activities. If there is suspicion, dynajobs AG may block the users and services concerned. dynajobs AG can provide the legal authorities with information in case of criminal law requests.

5.6. User data is kept according to data protection laws.

6. User responsibility

6.1. Users transmit to dynajobs AG all necessary information and ensure that it is complete and truthful, that they have the agreement of the rights holders regarding the documents and texts used and that they use the services according to the rules of good faith.

6.2. Users are required to keep their password secret.

6.3. Users must ensure that their system and documents can not harm dynajobs AG or any other user.

6.4. Users are responsible for posts, trainings and CVs published. Published data must not violate data protection, trademark, press, copyright or other rights of third parties. This is as much for the rules of national law as for international law. The rules of good behavior must be respected in all cases.

6.5. Users undertake not to abuse the services of dynajobs AG, for example for advertising e-mails or deceptions.

6.6. dynajobs AG informs users about the data protection rules to be respected.

6.7. dynajobs AG reserves the right to block services in the event of abuse or non-compliance with the TOS.

6.8. If dynajobs AG blocks a service for breach of contract, the user is responsible for paying the service until the end of the contract period. There is no refund of subscriptions already paid.

6.9. In case of abuse of the systems and services of dynajobs AG, the offerers are responsible for paying compensation of CHF 5'000.- and researchers CHF 500.- per case. dynajobs AG also reserves claims for damages.

7. Copyright

7.1. The contents of the web pages of dynajobs AG are subject to copyright according to the Swiss laws in force. For the use, redistribution, translation, recording, publication of information in databases or other systems, electronic or otherwise, written authorization by dynajobs AG is required.

7.2. To create a link on the web pages of dynajobs AG, written permission is also required.

7.3. Copies or downloads for private use are not subject to authorization.

7.4. The use of the content or other information of dynajobs AG for advertising purposes is subject to written authorization. Otherwise this use is explicitly not allowed.

8. Cancellation of the contract

8.1. If the rules are not fixed otherwise in writing, the conditions of cancellation and cancellation of the contract are governed by these Terms.

8.2. dynajobs AG may cancel a user license agreement at any time, as long as the subscription has not been paid or there is suspicion of abuse. In case of cancellation due to abuse, the rights of AG dynajobs against the user persist.

8.3. In case of cancellation of the contract, data protection rules and payment obligations remain.

8.4. In the event of a change in the Terms of Use, dynajobs AG notifies users and publishes the changes on its website. In case of disagreement, the user can cancel his contract within 4 weeks. If there are no replies within four weeks, the new conditions are considered accepted.

8.5. The responsibility of users and dynajobs AG for the protection of data and copyrights remains after the cancellation of the contract.

9. Final conditions

9.1. Swiss law is applicable.

9.2. The court is at the headquarters of dynajobs AG, if there is no national or international rule in primacy.

9.3. The parties undertake in all cases to seek an amicable agreement in case of conflict.

9.4. If secondary points of the GTU are invalid, the main content remains in effect. Non-applicable points must be replaced by rules corresponding in the best interests of both parties.

9.5. Any modification of the Terms must be in written form. E-mails, faxes and other electronic means of communication are also accepted provided they have a digital signature.