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Stiftung SSAW
The Swiss Foundation for Employment and Training SFET helps people to ensure their employability in order not to be excluded on grounds of age or training reasons.

Targeted training on market needs

With a more systematic orientation to the needs of the labor market, many unemployed people find jobs. With the qualification campaign, SFEF supports targeted training on labor market needs.

For unemployed

The Foundation can support the costs, if no other institute supports them. Please contact the


Another perspective

profile - present - profit
  • Do you apply for the right jobs?
  • Do I present the best?
  • Are my documents adapted to the job?
  • 6 months of Premium subscription
CHF 350.00
(all prices include VAT)



Seminar of one day with 10-14 participants
  • How is my labor market?
  • How to profile with success?
  • How to develop my career and my network?
  • 6 months of Premium subscription
CHF 480.00
(all prices include VAT)


Practice of Network DevelopmentWorkshop with 10-14 participants
  • How works Network Development?
  • How optimize my profile?

CHF 480.00
(all prices include VAT)

Accompaniment 3 months

On the way to success

Following E-Test and / or E-Seminar
  • Support in job search
  • Specific Trainings. Networking Workshop
  • Knowledge of search instruments
  • Support during the trial period
CHF 1'550.00
(all prices include VAT)


Inspire with passion


Swiss Federation for Adult Learning

Swiss Engineering STV

Swiss Engineering supports its members to ensure their employability


NovaEducation support for vocational rehabilitation of physically and / or mentally disabled

dynajobs AG

dynajobs AG supports candidates with the power4jobs program